LogicalExtentsNumber is bigger than the maximum value allowed in hp-ux

If you get this error when trying to lvextend a lvol:

lvextend: “LogicalExtentsNumber” is bigger than the maximum value allowed.

It is becuse you have tried to use more than 65,535 logical extents — the limit for a logical volume.

Your only choice is to recreate the *volume group* (‘vgcreate’) and specify a larger extent size (‘-s pe_size’). The default pe_size of four (4) is small for today’s disks and file systems as is (8).

With 8, the maximum size of a lvol is: 8 * 65535 = 524280 MB which is 8 MB shy of 512 GB.

So, if you want a lvol bigger then 512 GB, then the PE size (which can only be set at vgcreate time – can not be changed after the fact) should be 16 or 32.

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