5 Useful Solaris Unix Administration Cheat Sheets

When I started in UNIX, I really fancy cheat sheets, as they give quick reference to the most useful commands. They are helpful to both new and experienced administrators.

Even the most experienced UNIX system administrators forget their commands, sometimes even the most basic of them. We usually write our commands somewhere, either in a small notebook or a digital copy, easily accessible to us when we needed to execute it.

Below is the list of the most useful Solaris cheat sheets and quick references in the net.

  • Solaris Administrator’s Quick Reference by Jialong He – This has been the most helpful quick reference guide I’ve used so far. It is nicely organized into categories, ranging from user initialization to basic shell programming. Alternative download here.
  • Solaris Quick Sheet by William Favorite – Another good quick sheet. It is based on Solaris 10, having commands on the new Service Management on Sol10. Mirror here.
  • Solaris Cheat Sheet by lyon – This is a unique cheat sheet, created by using FreeMind. It is composed of different images, derived from Sun SA Curriculum. Very helpful in studying for certification exams.
  • Sun OpenBoot PROM Quick Reference Card – A comprehensive reference card into Sun Sparc OpenBoot (most of us relates this as “ok” Prompt). Popularized by Sun, OpenBoot is also used by Apple and IBM. Mirror download here.
  • Solaris 10 Administration Cheat Sheet by me – I based this on Solaris 10, dividing system administration into basic and advance categories. The layout was based on Jialong He’s Quick Reference.

That’s all of the five useful cheat sheet I’ve found across the net.

Special mention of the link below. It isn’t based on Solaris, but most of the commands is Solaris compatible. Kudos to all of the authors of these guides. Thanks!

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