HP-UX : ICAP Quick How To

Use icapstatus to display Instant Capacity (iCAP) status and information:

# icapstatus
Software version:          B.08.00
System ID:                 test06
Serial number:             UFR99899X2
Product number:           A6752A
Unique ID:                 Z3e1999999999ffb4
System contact e-mail:  me @ mydomain.ca
From e-mail:               Set to the default ('adm')
Asset reporting:           on
Temporary capacity warning period:  15 days
Exception status:          No exception
Local nPartition Status
Total number of configured cores:                                            8
Number of Intended Active cores:                                             6
Number of active cores:                                                      6
Number of inactive cores:                                                    2
Additional cores that can be activated with current usage rights:           1
Number of cores that could be activated with additional usage rights:    0
Number of cores that can be activated with temporary capacity:            0
Number of cores that are deconfigured or attached to inactive cells:      1
Instant Capacity Resource Summary
Number of cells without usage rights:                                        0
Number of inactive cells:                                                    0
Amount of memory without usage rights:                                  0.0 GB
Amount of inactive memory:                                              0.0 GB
Number of cores without usage rights:                                        1
Number of inactive cores:                                                    2
Number of cores using temporary capacity:                                  0
Temporary capacity available:                      30 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes
Projected temporary capacity expiration:                                   N/A
Allocation of Instant Capacity Resources among the nPartitions
           Intended Actual
nPar Total Active   Active =======Inactive======= Runs
ID   Cores Cores    Cores  Cores   Memory   Cells iCAP nPar Name
==== ===== ======== ====== ====================== ==== ======================
  0      8      6        6     2     0.0 GB    0  Yes  Partition 0 (local)
N/A      0    N/A      N/A   N/A     0.0 GB    0  N/A  Unassigned Cells

Use icapmodify to activate and deactivate cores.

icapmodify -t -a 1 “Temp use of one core:ASGAUR”

icapmodify -d 1 “Temp use of one core no longer required:ASGAUR”

Note: Replace ASGAUR with your name.

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