AIX TIPS & TRICKS: Boost Your IBM AIX Knowledge – 3

21. Display Mounted Filesystems

Review a list of all mounted filesystems using:


22. Find out Open Files

To determine which files are currently open by processes:


23. Check User Disk Quotas

Review disk quotas for users with:

quota -v

24. Display Filesystem Inodes

For information about the filesystem inodes:

df -i

25. Review Swap Space

Examine the current swap space settings:

lsps -a

26. List User Last Login

To display the last login time for users:


27. Check System Dump Device

Review the configured dump devices:

sysdumpdev -l

28. Display Network Interface Configuration

For details about the network interface configuration:

ifconfig -a

29. Check Active Network Connections

View active network connections using:

netstat -an

30. Find Largest Files and Directories

To determine which files and directories are consuming the most disk space:

du -sm * | sort -nr | head

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