AIX TIPS & TRICKS: Boost Your IBM AIX Knowledge – 2

11. Display Virtual Memory Statistics

For an overview of the system’s virtual memory statistics, you can use:


12. Check for Disk I/O Statistics

To observe detailed statistics about disk I/O for each physical volume:


13. View Network Statistics

If you need to gather statistics for all network interfaces:

netstat -i

14. Display Information on Installed Software

To list all installed software, execute:

lslpp -l

15. Check System Error Log

To view the system error log:


16. Display Default System Kernel Parameters

For an overview of default system kernel parameters:

lsattr -El sys0

17. Find out Current System Run Level

To determine the current run level of the system:

who -r

18. Determine Default Gateway

Check the system’s default gateway with:

netstat -nr | grep default

19. View CPU Statistics

For a comprehensive view of CPU statistics:


20. Monitor System Performance

Utilize the following command to monitor overall system performance:


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