AIX TIPS & TRICKS: Boost Your IBM AIX Knowledge – 1

1. Confirming Network Adapter Connection to a Switch in IBM AIX

To determine which network adapter is plugged into the switch, use the following command:

netstat -v |grep -E "ETHERMedia"

2. Determine if IBM AIX 64-bit Kernel is Installed

To check if the 64-bit kernel is installed, execute:

lslpp -l bos.64bit

3. Create a Snapshot for IBM Tech Support

If you face issues and require assistance from IBM, create a snapshot with:

snap -gc

4. Enable Extended History in AIX 5.3

To enable timestamped history in AIX 5.3, run:


5. Find Microcode Level of Tape Drives

To check the microcode (firmware) level of tape drives, use:

tapeutil -f /dev/rmt1 vpd

6. Monitor SAN Traffic for a Specific Adapter

To monitor SAN traffic for a specific adapter, use the command:

fcstat fcs0

7. Determine the Amount of Free Physical Memory

To check the amount of free physical memory, execute:

svmon -G | grep memory

8. Display Size and Utilization of JFS2 Filesystems

To display the size and utilization of JFS2 filesystems, run:

df -g

9. Determine AIX Operating System Level

If you want to determine the AIX OS level, use the following command:

oslevel -s

10. Find Information About Physical Volume

To get details about a specific physical volume, like hdisk0, execute:

lspv hdisk0

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