AIX TIPS & TRICKS: Boost Your IBM AIX Knowledge – 3

31. Display Volume Group Information

For a detailed overview of all volume groups:


32. Display Logical Volume Information

Review details of logical volumes with:

lslv [logical_volume_name]

Note: Replace `[logical_volume_name]` with the name of the logical volume you want to inspect.

33. Show Physical Volume Information

Get details of physical volumes using:


34. Display Installed Software

To list all installed software on the system:

lslpp -L

35. Install a Software Package

To install a software package:

installp -a -d [package_name]

Note: Replace `[package_name]` with the name of the package you wish to install.

36. Remove a Software Package

To remove a software package from the system:

installp -u [package_name]

Note: Replace `[package_name]` with the name of the package you wish to remove.

37. Check Error Report

Review system error reports using:


38. Check System Boot List

View the devices the system will attempt to boot from:

bootlist -m normal -o

39. Reboot the System

To reboot the AIX system:

shutdown -Fr

40. Shutdown the System

To safely shut down the AIX system:

shutdown -F

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