Zoning via CLI on Brocade switch

Step by Step Procedure of Zoning via Cli.

1.Create a Zone Alias using “AliCreate”

SW0:admin> alicreate "SUNX4150_HBA0"
2.Add member to Alias using “Aliadd”

SW0:admin> aliadd "SUNX4150_HBA0","21:00:00:1b:32:13:a8:9f"

3.Create a Zone using “ZoneCreate”

SW0:admin> zonecreate "CX_424_SPB4_SUNX4150_HBA0"
4. Add membet to Zone using “ZoneAdd”

SW0:admin> zoneadd "CX_424_SPB4_SUNX4150_HBA0","CX_424_SPB4"

5.Add a Zone to Zone configuration “CfgAdd”.

SW0:admin> cfgadd "SAN_U2_SW0_Config","CX_424_SPB4_SUNX4150_HBA0"

6.Save the Configuration using “CfgSave”.

SW0:admin> cfgsave

7.Enable the Configuration using “CfgEnable”.

SW0:admin> cfgenable "SAN_U2_SW0_Config"

Note : Always use single initiator Zone which typically include one storage and one host wwpn.

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