Sun StorEdge 3510 configuration

root@Sun440 # sccli
sccli: selected device /dev/rdsk/c4t40d0s2 [SUN StorEdge 3510 SN#04D208]

usage: sccli [options] device [command]
Valid options:
-d disk, –disk=cXtYdZ
select LVD single-bus JBOD enclosure containing specified disk
-h, –help, –usage
display valid commands
-l, –list
display a list of attached StorEdge 3000 Family devices
-n, –no
assume a “no” response to any prompts
-o, –oob
use an out-of-band (network) connection to the specified device
-v, –version
display program version information
-w <password>, –password <password>
specify the password for the array controller
-y, –yes
assume a “yes” response to any prompts

Valid commands:

abort clone <disk-dest>
abort the clone operation of destinate disk
abort create <ld>
abort offline creating logical drive
abort expand <ld>
abort offline expanding logical drive
abort media-check [<ld-list>] [<disk-list>]
abort disk(s) checking media
abort parity-check <ld>
abort logical drive check parity
abort rebuild <ld>
abort rebuilding logical drive
display program version and copyright info
add disk <ld> <disk-list>
add disks to logical drive
check media <ld> [<priority>][continuous]
check media on all member disks of specified LD
check parity <ld> [check-only] [verbose]
check parity on specified logical drive
clear events
clear the event log
clone <source-disk> <dest-disk>
copy a drive in ld and replace upon completion
configure channel <ch> {host|drive|RCCOM|DRV+RCC} [{pid|sid} <target-list>] [–reset]
configure a host or drive channel
configure global-spare <disk>
configure a disk as a global spare
configure local-spare <disk> <logical-drive>
configure a disk as a local spare for a specific logical drive
configure network-interface lan0 [options]
set network interface parameters
configure partition <partition-id> [<size> | delete]
configure a logical drive/volume partition of the specified size
create host-wwn-name <wwn> <name> [{head |tail}]
assign a symbolic name to a host WWPN
create logical-drive <raid-level> <disk-list> [<options>]
create a logical disk device
create logical-volume <ld-list> [primary|secondary] [write-back|write-through]
create a logical volume over the specified LDs
delete host-wwn-name [<wwn> | <name>]
delete a Host-ID/WWN name assignment
delete logical-drive <ld-list>
delete one or more logical drives
delete logical-volume <lv-list>
delete one or more logical volumes
download controller-configuration [-b|–build] <file>
download array controller binary configuration
download controller-firmware [–reset] <firmware> [<bootrecord>]
download array controller firmware (optionally w/ hard reset)
download disk-firmware <filename> <product-id>
download disk drive firmware to internal drives
download nvram [-r] <file>
download array controller binary nvram
download pld-hardware <filename>
download enclosure PLD hardware
download safte-firmware <filename>
download enclosure SAFTE firmware
download sata-path-controller-firmware <file>
download sata path controller firmware
download sata-router-firmware [-r|–reset] <file>
download sata router firmware
download ses-firmware <filename>
download enclosure SES firmware
exit the program
expand {<ld>|<lv>} <size> [online|offline]
expand a logical drive or logical volume
fail {primary|secondary}
fail a controller in a redundant controller pair
display help for commands
map <partition> <ch>.<tgt>.<lun> [<wwpn> | <host-id>]
map an LD or LV partition to a host channel/target/lun
silence the enclosure alarm
password <word>
specifies the array controller password
exit the program
rebuild <ld>
rebuild a logical drive
reset controller
reset the array controller
reset nvram
restore nvram to factory defaults
scan disk <disk-list>
scan SCSI drives
specify a storage device to monitor or configure
set auto-write-through-trigger <param> <value>
set peripheral device configuration
set cache-parameters [<mode>] [<optimization>] [sync-period <s>]
set controller cache parameters
set controller-date <month> <day> <HH:MM:SS> [[cc]yy] [TimeZone]
set controller current date and time
set controller-name <string>
set the controller name
set controller-password <string>
set the controller password
set disk-array <param> <value>
set disk array parameters
set drive-parameters <param> <value>
set drive-side interface parameters
set host-parameters <param> <value>
set host channel parameters
set inter-controller-link {upper|lower} channel <ch> [dis]connected
enable/disable per-channel inter-controller-link
set led disk <ch>.<id> { on | off }
set led state for drive slot in RAID enclosure
set led disk <diskname> { on | off }
set led state for drive in JBOD enclosure
set led slot <slot> { on | off }
set led state for slot in specified JBOD enclosure
set logical-drive <ld> assignment {primary|secondary}
change the logical drive cache policy
set logical-drive <ld> write-policy {write-back|write-through|default}
change the logical drive cache policy
set logical-drive <ld> status good
change failed NRAID/RAID 0 logical drive status to good
set logical-drive <ld> status degraded
change failed RAID 1/3/5 logical drive status to degraded
set logical-volume <lv> <param> <value>
set a logical volume
set protocol inactivity-timeout <s>
set telnet inactivity timeout period
set protocol <protocol-name> { enabled | disabled }
set network protocol status
set rs232-configuration <port> <speed>
set the RS232 interface baud rate
set unique-identifier <value>
set the subsystem’s 5-digit hexadecimal serial number
show access-mode
display the access mode
show auto-write-through-trigger
display peripheral device configuration
show battery-status [-u | –update]
display status of backup battery
show bypass device ses-channel <ch> loop <loopa|loopb>
displays the target IDs on a specified loop that are currently bypassed
show bypass sfp ses-channel <ch> loop <loopa|loopb>
displays the target IDs on a specified loop that are currently bypassed
show bypass raid
displays raid drive channel bypass status
show cache-parameters
display cache policy
show channels
display channel configuration
show clone
display the status of disk(s) cloning
show configuration [–xml | -x] [<filename>]
display the device’s configuration or save to file
show controller-date
display the controller date and time
show controller-name
display controller name
show disks
display info for array disks.
show disk-array
display the disk array parameters
show drive-parameters
display drive parameters
show enclosure-status
display the status of internal chassis components
show events [last <n>] [-v | –verbose]
display the controller event log.
show frus
display FRU-ID information
show host-parameters
display host i/o parameters
show host-wwn-names
display host-wwn/name list
show inquiry-data
display SCSI INQUIRY data for selected device.
show inter-controller-link {upper|lower} channel <ch>
display status of inter-controller link on specified channel
show ip-address
display the controller’s IP network address
show led-status disk <ch>.<id>
show led state for drive slot in RAID enclosure
show led-status disk <diskname>
show led state for drive in JBOD enclosure
show led-status slot <slot>
show led state for slot in specified JBOD enclosure
show logical-drives [<logical-drive-list>]
display logical drives
show logical-volumes [<logical-volume-list>]
display logical volumes
show loop-map channel <ch>
display the fibre channel loop positional map for a given channel
show lun-maps
display lun maps for host channels
show media-check
display the status of disk(s) checking media
show network-parameters
display controller network parameters
show partitions [ { logical-volume <lv> | logical-drive <ld> }]
display partitions of logical drives or logical volumes
show peripheral-device-status
display peripheral device status
show persistent-events [from <date>] [to <date>]
display all or a set of persistent event log within a certain time
show port-wwns
display host channel FC Port Name WWNs
show protocol
display all network protocols information
show redundancy-mode
display redundancy status
show redundant-controller-configuration
display redundant controller configuration
show rs232-configuration
display serial port configuration
show safte-devices
display information of SAF-TE devices
show sata-mux
show sata mux board information on all drives
show sata-router
show all sata routers connected to specified device
show ses-devices
display status of SES devices
show shutdown-status
display controller shutdown status
show stripe-size-list [raid-level]
display valid stripe size list for specified raid level
show unique-identifier
display subsystem 5-digit unique identifier
shutdown controller
shut down controller (prepare for power off)
shutdown logical-drive <ld>
shut down (force offline) a logical drive
unconfigure {local-spare|global-spare} <disk> [<logical-drive>]
unconfigure a local or global spare drive
restore (deassert) a failed controller
unmap partition <ch>.<id>.<lun> [ <wwpn> | <host-wwn-name> ]
unmap the specified partition LUN for all (or one) host(s)
unmap partition <partition-id> [<channel>]
unmap a partition from all (or just specified) channel(s)
upload controller-configuration <file>
upload array controller binary configuration
upload nvram <file>
upload array controller binary nvram
display program version

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