Solaris 10 and Oracle 10g RAC ASM Device NOT seen

You have a bunch of /dev/rdsk and /dev/dsk entries. Have you run format w/ partition to create a partition on each volume yet? A couple things to remember when doing this (I’m not sure if this is always required, but it’s something I’ve always done on Solaris ASM configurations):

1. Use slice 6 with type “usr”
2. Start at cylinder 1, NOT cylinder 0
3. Chown the /dev/rdsk/CwTxDys6 file to be owned by oracle:dba, 660 perms

However, you do mention multipathing, so this might not show up in ASM when you try to use /dev/rdsk/* as your discovery path. If you try the steps above and it doesn’t work, you may be using a different device.

In some cases, the /dev/rdsk/* entries will actually map to entries in /scsi_vhci/, which are links to the /dev/rdsk entries. In these cases /scsi_vhci/* may work as a discovery path.

In other cases, even this isn’t enough; you can either use the old method of using mknod in a custom directory to the partition major/minor numbers, or use symbolic links in some custom directory to the correct /scsi_vhci/ link, and ASM can then see it. I have had to do this before, but I’m not sure of your multipathing.

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