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how to publish a pdf to the web is this article about…

Proposing a PDF link on your own website is an operation that can seem quite easy if you are a professional webmaster and know how to effectively use HTML tags. For beginners in HTML, a PDF file can be uploaded on your website by adding the internal link <a href=”File.pdf”>Download PDF</a> in the body of your webpage.

The process is rather simple but somehow needs to be reviewed by the webmaster as the display of the downloaded PDF file will majorly depend on the Internet Browser used by the Internet user who is downloading the file. Hence, a hassle-free solution would be to enable the ‘Save As…’ option upon a right click command on the document. This will allow the user to save the PDF directly on his computer.

However, some web designers would prefer to display the whole PDF file instead of the link. This task can be done by the help of a software known as pdf2swf and whose major task is to convert a PDF document into a flash file that will be displayed on the website. You can get a free version of this program from the link

After having downloaded and installed the program on your computer, you can now start with the conversion of the PDF file. When the PDF file has been converted, you can put it on your website through a FTP process and by adding the following HTML code

<object width=”595″ height=”842″>
<param value=”nameofdoc.swf”>
<param value=”true”>
<param value=”true”>
<param value=”high”>
<embed src=”nameofdoc.swf” width=”595″ height=”842″
play=”true” align=”” loop=”true” quality=”high”

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