How to Halt the VNX Data Movers ?

The following procedure explains how to perform an orderly, timed, or immediate
halt of a network server’s Data Mover or blade. This procedure applies to all VNX
unified and VNX for file systems.

Note: A Data Mover for a VNX for file server is also called a blade. There is no functional
difference between a Data Mover and a blade. They both serve the same purpose in a VNX
for file server.

To immediately halt a Data Mover or blade, use this command syntax:

$ server_cpu <movername> -halt <time>
<movername> = name of the Data Mover or blade
<time> = when the Data Mover or blade is to be halted, specified as one of the following:
{ now | +<min> | <hour>:<min> }

To halt server_2 immediately, type:
$ server_cpu server_2 -halt now

server_2 : done

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