AIX TIPS & TRICKS: Boost Your IBM AIX Knowledge – 5

51. Remove a User from a Group

To remove a user from a specific group:

chuser groups=-group_name user_name

Note: Replace `group_name` with the group’s name and `user_name` with the username.

52. List File System Information

To display detailed information about file systems:


53. Show Specific File System Details

To see details of a specific file system:

df /mount/point

Note: Replace `/mount/point` with the directory or mount point of the file system.

54. Change Password for a User

To change the password for a specific user:

passwd user_name

Note: Replace `user_name` with the username whose password you want to change.

55. Display AIX OS Version

To determine the version of the AIX operating system:


56. Get Detailed OS Version

To get a more detailed version of the AIX OS:

oslevel -s

57. List System Error Report

To list the system error report:


58. Display Detailed Error Report

To show a detailed system error report:

errpt -a

59. Show All Defined Devices

To list all defined devices in the system:


60. Display Physical Volumes

To view a list of all physical volumes:


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