AIX TIPS & TRICKS: Boost Your IBM AIX Knowledge – 10

91. Displaying a System’s Virtual Memory Statistics

Use the following command to display virtual memory statistics:


92. Identifying CPU Type and Model

Identify the CPU type and model with the following command:

prtconf | grep "Processor Type"

93. Displaying Disk I/O Statistics

Display the input/output statistics for block devices using the following command:


94. Displaying Detailed Information About System Resources

To get a detailed report on system resources, use:

lparstat -i

95. Displaying Detailed Network Statistics

Use the following command to view network statistics:

netstat -i

96. Finding Large Files in a Directory

Search for large files within a specific directory using the command:

find /directory-path -type f -size +100M

Replace ‘/directory-path’ with the path of your choice and ‘100M’ with the size threshold you want to search for.

97. Checking the Operating System Level

To check the operating system level, execute:

oslevel -s

98. Displaying Information About Installed Hardware

For a detailed report on the installed hardware, use:


99. Checking for Failed Login Attempts

To check for failed login attempts, use:

who /etc/security/failedlogin

100. Monitoring CPU and I/O Activity

To monitor CPU and I/O activity, use:


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