Veritas Volumes

Volumes are virtual devices (virtual objects) that appear to be physical disks to applications, databases and file systems. Volumes are the VxVM software’s top-tier virtual objects. Although volumes appear to be physical disks, they do not share the limitations of physical disks. Volumes have the following characteristics:

  • Volumes are directly addressed by the Solaris OE.
  • They consist of one or more plexes. Each plex holds one copy of the volume’s data.
  • Volumes are not restricted to a single disk or specific areas of disks.The configuration of a volume can be changed using the VxVM software utilities. Configuration changes can be accomplished without disruption to the volume operations.
  • Volume names can contain up to 31 characters.
  • Volumes can consist of up to 32 plexes.

Each plex can contain multiple subdisks, and all subdisks must be in the same disk group.

Two-Plex Volume

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