Veritas Disk Groups

A named collection of VxVM software disks that share a common  configuration is called a disk group. Common configuration refers to a set of  records that provide detailed information about related VxVM software objects, their connections and attributes. This configuration information is stored in the private region of the VxVM software disks. A backup copy for each configured disk group is stored in /var/vxvm/tempdb.

Disk groups are virtual objects and have the following characteristics:

  • The default disk group is rootdg.
  • Additional disk groups can be created on the fly.
  • Disk group names are a maximum of 31 characters in length.
  • Disk groups can be renamed.
  • Disk groups are versioned.
  • Disk groups allow grouping of the VxVM software disks into logical collections.
  • Disk groups can be moved from one system to another with an import and deport process.
  • Volumes created within a specific disk group can use only the VxVM software disks that are a member of that disk group.
  • Volumes and disks can be moved among disk groups.

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