Using AIX commands to install a firmware fix permanently

You can install a firmware fix permanently by using either the flash command or the AIX diagnostic service aids.

Note: To perform this task, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have root user authority.
  • You must start your server from the temporary side. For details, see Working with the temporary and permanent side of the service processor.

Using the flash command

At an AIX command prompt, type the following:

/usr/lpp/diagnostics/bin/update_flash -c

The update_flash -c command might run for 10 or more minutes.

Using the AIX diagnostic service aids

  1. At the AIX command prompt, type
  2. Initialize the terminal type, if requested.
  3. On the function selection screen, select Tasks and Service Aids.
  4. On the task selection screen, scroll to the bottom of the list of options, and select Update and Manage Flash.
  5. Select Commit the Temporary Image, and press Enter. The process might run for 10 or more minutes.

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