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English Vocabulary Latin Prefixes

Latin Prefixes :

SNo. Prefix Meaning Examples
1 A- not, without amoral, APATHY, ANOMALY
2 AB-, ABS- away from, off, apart abrupt, ABSCOND, ABSTRACT
3 AD-, AC-, AN-, AS- toward, against advent, accurate, ANNOTATE, assent
4 AMBI-, AMB- around, about, on both sides AMBIGUOUS, AMBIVALENT
5 ANTE- before, in front of, early antecede, antedate, antebellum
6 ARCH main, chief archangel, archbishop, archenemy
7 BI- two bifurcate, biannually
8 BENE- well BENEFACTOR, benefit, beneficial
9 CIRCUM-, CIRA- around, about circumflex, circumference, circa
10 CIS- on this side of cislunar, cisalpine
11 CON- with, together concur, concede, CONSCRIPT
12 COM-, COR-, COL- together, with, very COMPRISE, corrode, colleteral
13 CONTRA- against contradict, controversy, contravene
14 COUNTER- against counterfeit, counterclockwise
15 DE- down, down from, off, utterly deformed, defoliate, descend, depress
16 DEMI- half, partly belongs to demisemiquaver, demigod
17 DIS-, DI-, DIF- apart, in different directions DIGRESS, divorce, dispute, DISCERN
18 DU-, DUO- two duet, duplicate
19 EM- EN- in, into embrace, enclose
20 EX-, E-, EF-, EC- out, out of, from, away EXTOL, event, expel, evade, ELUCIDATE
21 EXTRA-,EXTRO- outside of, beyond extraordinary, extrovert, EXTRAPOLATE
22 FORE before forestall, forgo, forebear
23 IN-, I-, IL-, IM-, IR- in, into, on, toward, put into, incision, impel, impulse, irrigate,
24 not, lacking, without illegal, ignominious, impure, immoral,
25 (same as above) immodest, indecent, INCOHERENT
26 INDU-, INDI- a strengthened form of IN- indigent
27 INFRA- below, beneath, inferior to, after infrared, infrasonic
28 INTER-, INTEL- among, between, at intervals intercede, intercept, intellect
29 INTRA- in, within, inside of intramural, intravenous
30 INTRO- in, into, within introduce, introspective
31 JUXTA near, beside juxtapose, juxtaposition
32 MAL-, MALE- evil, badly malformed, malicious, malaise, maladroit
33 MEDI-, MEDIO- middle median, mediocre
34 MILLI-, MILLE- thousand millennium, millimeter
36 MULTI-, MULTUS- much, many multifaceted, multiply, multilevel
37 NE- not neuter, NEUTRAL
38 NON- not (less emphatic than IN or UN) nonresident, nonconformity
39 NUL-, NULL- none, not any nullify, nullification
40 OB-, OF-, OC-, toward, against, across, down, for oblong, OBDURATE, offer, occasion, occur
41 OP-, O- toward, against, across, down, for oppose, opposite, omit, offer
42 OMNI- all, everywhere omniscient, omnivorous
43 PED-, PEDI- foot pedestrian, pedicure
44 PER-, PEL- through, by, thoroughly, away PERMEATE, perfidy, pellucid
45 POST- behind, after (in time or place) postpone, postnatal, postorbital
46 PRE- before, early, toward precedent, precept, preposition
47 PRO-, PUR- before, for, forth proceed, purport, pursue, PROLONG
48 QUADRI-, QUADR- four times, four fold quadriceps, quadrisect, quadrangle
49 RE-, RED- back, again, against, behind repel, RELEGATE, redeem, redemption
50 RETRO- backwards, behind retrogressive, retrofit, retrograde
51 SE-, SED- aside, apart, away from secure, seduce, seclude, sedition, select
52 SEMI- half semicircle, semiprivate
53 SINE without sinecure
54 SUB-, SUC-, SUF- under, beneath, inferior, suffer, SUBMISSIVE, succumb,
55 SUG-, SUM-, SUP- less than, in place of, secretly suggest, subtract, suffuse, support
56 SUR-, SUS- (same as above meanings) suspend, surplus
57 SUBTER- beneath, secretly subterfuge
58 SUPER-, SUPRA- over, above, excessively SUPERFICIAL, SUPERCILIOUS
59 SUR- over, above, excessively surcharge, surtax, surplus, surrealism
60 TRANS-, TRA- across, over, beyond, through transoceanic, transgression, transit, transition
61 TRI- three triangle, triceps
62 ULTRA- beyond, on other side ultrasound, ultraconservative
63 UN- (Old English) no, not, without unabashed, unashamed