Table of 30 Linux tips

These are 30 Linux commands used on a daily basis in a story style :)

Basic CommandEver used copy-paste?In Linux, you can copy with cp and move stuff with mv!
Files & DirectoriesWonder where you are in Linux?Just type pwd and voila! You’re no longer lost.
File SearchLooking for that one file?Use find and never lose anything ever again.
User ManagementWant to add a new friend (user)?Just say useradd friend_name and invite them in!
PermissionsDon’t want someone snooping in your files?Use chmod and lock your secrets away.
NetworkingCurious about your internet address?Ask Linux with ifconfig or ip a. It’s like asking for your home address!
Disk SpaceRunning out of space for more cat pictures?df will tell you how much room is left!
Text SearchLooking for that one word in a big essay?With grep, it’s like having super x-ray vision for text!
ProcessesWho’s doing what in Linux?The ps command spills the beans!
Package ManagementWant a new toy (software) for Linux?With apt-get install toy_name, Linux gets it for you!
File CompressionGot too many files?Turn them into one with tar! It’s like packing for a trip.
Command HistoryForgot that one magic spell (command)?Press the arrow-up and relive the past.
Shortcut KeysTired of typing?CTRL + C and CTRL + V aren’t the only tricks. Linux has many more!
Startup & ShutdownNeed to tuck Linux in for the night?Just say shutdown and wish it sweet dreams.
Terminal BasicsThink black screens are boring?Customize your terminal colors and make it a rainbow!
Remote AccessWant to chat with a faraway Linux?ssh is your magic doorway!
File EditingNeed to fix a typo?nano or vi are your pencils. Draw away!
System MonitoringCurious about what Linux is thinking?top gives you a sneak peek inside its brain.
Archiving FilesLike putting toys back in the toybox?zip and unzip let you pack and unpack playthings.
Environment VariablesWant to whisper secrets to Linux?Environment variables are its ears.
User SwitchingWant to walk in someone else’s shoes?su lets you be another user for a while.
Disk PartitionsImagine if your room had invisible walls…With fdisk, Linux can! Split and manage spaces easily.
AliasesTired of saying long spells?Make a nickname (alias) and keep it short.
System LogsWant to read Linux’s diary?Check out the logs. But shh… it’s private!
Jobs & Background ProcessesWant Linux to multitask?Send tasks to the background and make Linux a juggler.
Directory NavigationEver wish you had a teleporter?With cd, jump around folders in a flash!
Software CompilationWant to build a toy from scratch?make lets you assemble all the pieces.
Cron JobsNeed Linux to do chores while you sleep?Set a cron job and wake up to magic.
Shell ScriptingDream of telling stories in Linux?Scripts are your storybook. Start writing!
KernelEver wonder what makes Linux tick?Meet the Kernel. It’s the heart and soul!

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