Solaris: Mounting a CD-ROM

In the Solaris operating system, a layer of software manages CD-ROM and other media.
This is the volume manager, which automates the interaction between you and your CDROMs.
Do not use this volume manager to mount CD-ROMs needed for the installation, as
the manager does not use the nomaplcase option. Without this option, some files on CDs can
not be found. Mount CD-ROMs for the installation manually as described in the following


For more information on configuring the volume management, see the SunOS Routine
System Administration Guide.
1. Log on as user root.


2. Check if vold (volume daemon) is running:
ps -ef | grep vold
3. Kill vold if it is running.
4. Insert the CD-ROM into your disk drive.
5. Create a mountpoint:
mkdir /sapcd
6. Mount the CD-ROM:
mount -F hsfs -o nomaplcase,ro /dev/dsk/c0t6d0s2 /sapcd
After the installation, you can start vold with the command /usr/sbin/vold.


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