Solaris : Emulex Firmware Upgrade

You will require the following files before you begin the upgrade:


  • solaris-2.1a18-6.02f-1a.tar
  • lpfc-6.02f-sparc.tar
  • EmlxApps300a39-Solaris.tar
1.Copy configuration files
# cp -p /kernel/drv/lpfc.conf /kernel/drv/
# cp -p /kernel/drv/sd.conf /kernel/drv/
# cp -p /kernel/drv/st.conf /kernel/drv/
# cp -p /etc/path_to_inst /etc/

2.Copy Driver / Firmware updates from shared area to local disk
# mkdir /var/tmp/emulex
# cp –p /proj/gissmo/HBA/EMC/Emulex/* /var/tmp/emulex/

3.Shutdown server to single user mode
# reboot — -rs

4.Remove the HBAnyware package
# pkgrm HBAnyware

5.Remove the lpfc driver
# pkgrm lpfc

6.Copy back the saved path_to_inst file
 # cp –p /etc/ /etc/path_to_inst

7.Untar the file containing the driver, apps, driver and the Emulex Application Kit
# tar xvf solaris-2.1a18-6.02f-1a.tar
# tar xvf lpfc-6.02f-sparc.tar
# pkgadd –d .
# tar xvf EmlxApps300a39-Solaris.tar
# gunzip HBAnyware-*-sparc.tar.gz
# tar xvf HBAnyware-*-sparc.tar
# pkgadd –d .                      Note: Select the package for HBAnyware

8.Revert sd.conf file
# cp –p /kernel/drv/sd.conf /kernel/drv/sd.conf.post_upgrade
# cp –p /kernel/drv/ /kernel/drv/sd.conf

9.Convert lpfc.conf file from version 5 to version 6
# /usr/sbin/lpfc/update_lpfc /kernel/drv/ /kernel/drv/lpfc.conf >      /kernel/drv/lpfc.conf.updated
# cp -p /kernel/drv/lpfc.conf /kernel/drv/lpfc.conf_post_upgrade
# cp /kernel/drv/lpfc.conf.upgrated /kernel/drv/lpfc.conf

10.Reboot system back into single user mode
# reboot — -rs

11.Copy firmware into /usr/sbin/lpfc
# cd /var/tmp/emulex
# unzip
# cp –p cd392a3.awc /usr/sbin/lpfc/

12.Update firmware
# cd /usr/sbin/lpfc
# ./lputil
> Select option 3 for – Firmware Maitenance
> Select adaptor number to update
> Select option 1 for – Load Firmware Image
> Type in the full name of the image : – cd392a3.awc

Repeat above steps for all Emulex HBA’s

13.Reboot into Single user mode and ensure that devices can been seen
# reboot — -rs
# /etc/powermt display

14.Reboot server
# reboot


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