SAN Switch cheat sheet


M-Series (Mcdata) switches uses both web and CLI, the table below displays some but not all the CLI commands.

commadelim Toggle comma-demlimited display mode
config configure settings
login login into CLI with different access rights
maint maintenance settings
perf Performance statistics
reserved reserved for future development
show display attributes
features configure feature settings
ip configure IP settings
logout logout of the CLI
port configure port data
security configure security settings
snmp configure snmp
switch configure switch data
system configure system data
zoning confgiure zoning settings

There are several commands that allow you to navigate through the switch “..”, “ctrl-U” and “root” .

M-Series (Mcdata) zoning commands are detailed in the below table

showactive show actively running zoneSet
clearzone clear WWN’s in a zone
deletezone remove zone from running config
activezoneset activation of changes
addzone add a new zone to the working area
addwwnmem add a WWN to a zone
showpending show pending zones
renamezone rename a zone
deletewwn delete a WWN from a zone
renamezoneset rename a zone set

Zoning limits

  • 64 zone sets (max)
  • 2000 zones (max)
  • 1024 zones per zone set (max)
  • deafult should all ways be disabled (causes all port to see each other creating ghosts in a FA’s login table)


B-Series (Brocade) switches uses both web and CLI, the table below displays some but not all the CLI commands.

help prints available commands
switchdisabled disable the switch
switchenable enable the switch
licensehelp license commands
diaghelp diagnostic commands
configure change switch parameters (BB credits, etc)
diagshow POST results since last boot
routehelp routing commands
switchshow display switch show (normally first command to run to obtain switch configuration)
supportshow full detailed switch info
portshow # display port info
nsshow namesever contents
nsallshow NS for full fabric
fabricshow Fabric information
version firmware code revision
reboot full reboot with POST
fastboot reboot without POST

B-Series (Brocade) zoning commands are detailed in the below table

zonecreate (zone) create a zone
zoneshow shows defined and effective zones and configurations
zoneadd adds a member to a zone
zoneremove removes a member from a zone
zonedelete delete a zone
cfgcreate (zoneset) create a zoneset configuration
cfgadd adds a zone to a zone configuration
cfgshow display the zoning information
cfgenable enable a zone set
cfgsave saves defined config to all switches in fabric across reboots
cfgremove removes a zone from a zone configuration
cfgdelete deletes a zone from a zone configuration
cfgclear clears all zoning information (must disable the effective config first)
cfgdisable disables the effective zone set

B-series creating a zone commands

Creating zone by WWN zonecreate “zone1”, “20:00:00:e0:69:40:07:08 ; 50:06:04:82:b8:90:c1:8d”
Create a zone configuration cfgcreate “test_cfg”, “zone1 ; zone2”
saving the zone configuration cfgsave (this will save across reboots)
enable the zone configuration cfgenable “test_cfg”
saving the zone configuration cfgsave
view zoning information zoneshow or cfgshow


B-Series (Cisco) switches uses both web and CLI, the table below displays some but not all the CLI commands, the ones highlighted will be the ones used most often.

EXEC mode commands:

attach connect to a specific linecard
bios BIOS related commands
callhome callhome commands
clear reset functions
clock manage the system clock
config enter configuration mode
debug debug functions
discover discover information
exit exit ffrom the submode
fcping Ping a N_Port
fctrace trace a route for a N_Port
load load system image
no disable debugging functions
reload reboot the switch
setup run the basic setup command facility
show display running system information
system system management commands
test test command
write write the current configuration
zone zoning server commands

CONFIG mode commands:

aaa config aaa
boot configure boot variables
callhome enter the callhome configuration mode
clock configure time and date
fcalias fcalias configuration commands
fcanalyzer configure fabric analyzer
fcc configure FCC congestion control
fcdomain enter the fcdomain configuration mode
fcdroplatency configure switch or network latency
fcflow configure fcflow
fcinterop interop commands
fcns Name server configuration
fcroute configure FC routes
fcs Configure fabric config server
fctimer configure fibre channel timers
fspf configure fspf
interface select an interface to configure
ip configure IP features
no Negate a command or set its default
ntp NTP configuration
power configure power supply
poweroff power off module in switch
qos Configure priority of FC control frames
radius-server configure radius related parameters
role configure roles
snmp-server configure snmp
span enter SPAN configuration mode
ssh configure ssh parameters
switchname configure systems network name
system system config command
trunk configure switch wide trunk protocol
username configure username information
vsan enter the vsan configuration mode
zone zoning configuration commands
zoneset zoneset configuration commands

There are several commands that allow you to navigate through the switch “cd”, “copy”, “dir”, “find”, “mkdir”, “move”, “rmdir” and “tail”.

MDS-series creating a zone

create a zone and place it in the vsan # zone name testzone1 vsan 4
add a member (port wwn example) # member pwwn 10:00:00:00:c9:21:40:b8 (port on the host)
add a member (fabric port wwn example) # member fwwn 10:01:10:01:10:ab:cd:ef (port on the switch)
add a member (FCID example – hard zoning) # member fcid 0x7f0000 (24 bit address)
add a member (FC alias example) # member fcalias payroll

MDS-series common commands

display logged in WWN, display vsan information # show flogi database
display the specific vsan logins # show fcns database vsan 4
activatng a zoneset # zoneset activate name zone1 vsan 4
delete a zoneset # clear zone dataabse vsan 4
configure the default zone # zone default-zone permit vsan 4
display zones and zonsets # show zoneset active
# show zoneset
# show zoneset active vsan 4
copy active zone set to the full zone set # zone copy active-zoneset full-zoneset vsan 4
distribute the full zoning database to others switches # zoneset distribute full vsan 4


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