Redhat Linux Package Management

Package Location

  1. ftp internet
  3. bin
  4. cd 8.0
  5. cd en
  6. cd os
  7. cd i386
    1. # rpm –q –a
    2. # rpm –q –f filename
    3. # rpm –Fvh package-name [package-name package-name…]
    4. one additional note here, I discovered 2 options for packages, SRPMS, and i386.  I believe SRPMS are the source code packages and i386 is precompiled for the intel platform.  I chose to use the i386 and it worked fine for my first upgrade.
    5. # rpm –i package-name

Package update

  1. To list all the packages installed on the system

  1. To list a package associated with a specific file

  1. To upgrade a package

  1. To install a package

Resolving a hung RPM session

  1. RPM hangs will occur in the event of a corrupt database, or the existence of stale lock files as a result of performing a kill –9 on an rpm session
  2. To attempt to resolve this
    1. Login to the server as root
    2. Kill off any existing rpm sessions
    3. # cd /var/lib/rpm
    4. # rm *db.00*
    5. # rpm –rebuilddb
    6. be patient, the rebuild may take some time, so let it run.  Once the rebuild completes rpm –qa should run successfully

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