PowerPath Commands

PowerPath CLI Commands

Command                     Description

powermt                       Manages a PowerPath environment
powercf                         Configures PowerPath devices
emcpreg -install        Manages PowerPath liciense registration
emcpminor                 Checks for free minor numbers
emcpupgrade             Converts PowerPath configuration files

PowerPath powermt commands

Command                    Description

powermt check                 Checks for and optionally removes dead paths
powermt check_registration Checks the state of the PowerPath license
powermt config                Configures local devices as PowerPath devices
powermt display              Displays the state of HBA configured for PowerPath
powermt display              options Displays the periodic autorestore settings
powermt load                    Loads a PowerPath configuration
powermt remove             Removes a path from the PowerPath configuration
powermt restore              Tests and restores paths
powermt save                    Saves a custom PowerPath configuration
powermt set mode          Sets paths to active or standby mode
powermt set                       Enables or disables periodic autorestore
powermt set policy        Changes the load balancing and failover policy
powermt set priority     Sets the I/O priority
powermt version             Returns the number of PowerPath version for which powermt was created
periodic_autorestore    Same as powermt set
powermt watch                Same as powermt display – deprecated
PowerPath                          Command Examples

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