HP-UX: Mounting a CD-ROM


Mounting a CD-ROM Manually:

  1. Log on as user root.
  2. Create a mount point for CD-ROM with the command:

mkdir <CD-mountdir>
(usually <CD-mountdir> is /sapcd).

3.      Make sure that the driver is part of the kernel (skip this step if the CD drive is already working):

grep cdfs /stand/system

If the driver is not configured, you have to add the string cdfs to the file /stand/system and rebuild the kernel.  Reboot the system after rebuilding the kernel.

4.      Mount the CD-ROM with the command:

mount -r -F cdfs /dev/dsk/<diskdevice> <CD-mountdir>
<diskdevice> is c0t4d0, a CD drive with hardware address 4.

Mounting a CD-ROM Using SAM:

1.      Enter the command


2.      Select:

Disks and Filesystems ? Disk Devices ? Actions ? Mount

3.      Enter the mount directory

(for example, <CD-mountdir> is /sapcd).

4.      Perform task.

5.      Exit SAM.


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