HP-UX Managing User Accounts from the Command Line

Create an account for user renay with a home directory of /home/renay, which is to be created. Use /etc/skel as the skeleton directory and /usr/bin/sh as the shell. Take the next highest UID.

# useradd -m -s /usr/bin/sh renay

Create an account for a user named Tracy. Tracy’s primary group is staff. Tracy is also in the groups pe and chemistry. Create a home directory. Take all the rest of the defaults.

# useradd -m -g staff -G pe,chemistry tracy

Display the useradd defaults.

# useradd -D

Change the default group to others.

# useradd -D -g others

To delete a user use the userdel command. The syntax is

# userdel -r login

The -r option is needed to delete the user’s home directory.

The syntax of the groupadd command is

# groupadd [-g gid [-o]]group

Add a group called economics. Use the next available group ID greater than 100.

# groupadd economics

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