How to setup DHCP client in Sun Solaris 10

For Setting up a Sun Solaris Server to receive its IP address from a DHCP Server is fairly straight forward and is infact just a matter of setting up files on your Solaris Server.

Ensure that every interface that is up and connects to a network has a file /etc/hostname.interface file created say /etc/hostname.bmce0 where bmce0 is my network interface. If they are not found the create a file as follows:

Sunx86# touch /etc/hostname.bmce0

where bmce0 is my network interface card.

dhcpagent is the dhcp client thats running on your Solaris operating system. With this in place create the following file:

Create /etc/dhcp.<interface>

Similarly, create a /etc/dhcp.<interface> file (here /etc/hostname.bmce0)

Sunx86# touch /etc/dhcp.bmce0

Again, if there are more than one network interface and if each of these receive IP Address from DHCP servers in their networks then a /etc/dhcp.<interface> file has to be created for each of these interfaces.

The system by default waits for 30 seconds for the DHCP Server to respond. However, this can be modified by entering the wait time in the dhcp.<interface> file. For instance, if I decide to let my solaris server wait for 90 seconds  then enter the wait time as follows

Sunx86# cat /etc/dhcp.bmce0

wait 90

If it is a primary interface then this can be mentioned as follows

Sunx86# cat /etc/dhcp.bmce0

wait 90

This should make your Sun Solaris Server a DHCP client to receive IP Address from a DHCP Server.

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