How to Set the time zone of the VNX Data Mover ?

You can update the time zone information on the Data Mover by using simple and  decipherable strings that correspond to the time zones available in the Control Station. You can also update the daylight savings time on the Data Mover for the specified time zone.

Set Data Mover or blade time zone manually

To set the time zone on a Data Mover using the Linux time zone method, use this command
$ server_date <movername> timezone -name <timezonename>
<movername> = name of the Data Mover
<timezonename> = a Linux style time zone specification
Note: A list of valid Linux time zones is located in the /usr/share/zoneinfo directory.
To set the time zone to Central Time and adjust the daylight savings time for a Data Mover by using the Linux method, type:
$ server_date server_2 timezone -name  Asia/Kolkata

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