How to check number of "Physical CPU and core"?

number of physical cpu: "psrinfo -p"
number of cores: "kstat cpu_info|grep core_id|sort -u|wc -l"
number of threads: "psrinfo -pv"
# echo "`psrinfo -p` socket(s)"
2 socket(s)
# echo "`kstat -m cpu_info|grep -w core_id|uniq|wc -l` core(s) "
8 core(s)
# echo "`psrinfo|wc -l` logical (virtual) processor(s)"
64 logical (virtual) processor(s)

so (core(s) with 8 thread)


root@t31 # echo “`psrinfo -p` socket(s)”
1 socket(s)
root@t31 #  echo “`kstat -m cpu_info|grep -w core_id|uniq|wc -l` core(s) “
16 core(s)
root@t31 # echo “`psrinfo|wc -l` logical (virtual) processor(s)”
128 logical (virtual) processor(s)
root@t31 #

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