Configuring HP ProLiant Hardware

Press <F8> when you see the following screen:

Press ENTER to create a logical drive:

Arrow down until you reach the last drive in the list and press <space bar> to unselect it:

Note: Your RAID configuration should automatically switch from RAID ADG to RAID 5.

Tab twice to use one drive as spare and press <space bar> to select:

Press <ENTER> to create Logical drive:

Verify the total data size and fault tolerance is correct and press <F8> to save the configuration:

Press <ENTER> to continue.

Press <ESC> to exit

Press <F10> to run the System Maintenance Menu

Press <ENTER> to select “Setup Utility”

Press <ENTER> to select “System Options”

Arrow down and select “Embedded NIC Port 1 PXE Support and press <ENTER>

Press <ENTER> to continue…

Arrow down, select “Disabled”.

Press <ENTER> to save changes.

Press <ESC> to go back to previous menu.

Select “Boot Controller Order” and press <ENTER>

Make sure “Ctlr:1” is the controller you want to boot from.

If not arrow down, select the controller you wish to boot from and press <ENTER>

Select “Controller Order 1” to make this your primary controller and press <ENTER>

Press <ESC> to return to the previous menu

Select “Date and Time” and press <ENTER>

Enter correct date and time and press <ENTER>

Arrow down, select “Server Availability” and press <ENTER>.

Select “ASR Timeout” and press <ENTER>

Select “5 Minutes”, press <ENTER>

Press <ESC> to go back to the previous menu.

Press <ESC> and <F10> to exit the ROM-Based Setup Utility.

Server hardware configuration is complete. Server will now reboot.

Note: Verify your current boot controller is the desired one.

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