Collecting Unix System Information

At the very least, collect the following information for each system that you have:
1. Hostname:
% hostname
2. Hostname aliases:
% grep `hostname` /etc/hosts | awk ‘{ print $3 }’
3. Host network addresses:
% grep `hostname` /etc/hosts | awk ‘{ print $1 }’
4.   Host ID:
% hostid
5. System serial number:
On the back of most all computers.
6. Manufacturer of the system’s hardware:
On the front of most computers
7. System model name:
On the front of most computers
8. CPU type:
% uname -a
9. Application architecture:
% uname -a
10.   Kernel architecture:
% uname -a
11.  Amount of main memory:
Can be found at boot time
% dmesg
12.  Operating system name:
% uname -a
13.  Operating system version:
% uname -a
14.  Kernel version:
% uname -a
15.  Disk configuration:
% df

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