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Solaris: Steps to install a zone

Prerequisites to configuration

  1. create a directory for the root of your non-global zone, mkdir /export/zones/dzone1.
    chown root:root /export/zones/dzone1; chmod 700 /export/zones/dzone1
  2. create a 1G partition for the non-global zone root file system
  3. add filesystems to any volumes you have created from steps above
  4. mount your additional space for the root of your new zone (add to vfstab in global zone 0)


  1. zonecfg –z dzone1
  2. create
  3. set zonepath=/dzone1
  4. set autoboot=true
  5. add inherit-pkg-dir
  6. set dir=/opt
  7. end
  8. add net
  9. set address=[IP-ADDRESS]
  10. set physical=hme0
  11. end
  12. (could add a device here, but don’t believe it necessary for right now, we’ll see what we get by default)
  13. add rctl
  14. set name=zone.cpu-shares
  15. add value (priv=privileged,limit=20,action=none)
  16. end
  17. add attr
  18. set name=comment
  19. set type=string
  20. set value=”First test zone”
  21. end
  22. verify
  23. commit
  24. exit


    1. zoneadm –z dzone1 verify
    2. zoneadm –z dzone1 install
      1. if you get an error message during install check the state
      2. zoneadm –z dzone1 list –v
      3. if state is “configured” make corrections specified in the messateg and install the zone again
      4. if state is “incomplete” remove the zone
      5. zoneadm –z dzone1 uninstall
      6. make corrections and install the zone again
    3. style=”MARGIN-TOP: 0in” type=a>
    4. should report the zone is “installed”
  1. y
  2. zoneadm list –v

    1. should report the zone is “ready”
  3. –z dzone1 boot
  4. zoneadm list –v

    1. should report the zone is “running”

2 style=”MARGIN: 12pt 0in 3pt”>font>

  1. zlogin –C dzone1
    1. hit return
    2. select 3 DEC VT100
    3. enter hostname for the zone
    4. hit esc-2 to continue
    5. hit esc-2 to continue
    6. be sure NO is checked for kerberos security
    7. hit esc-2 to continue
    8. hit esc-2 to continue
    9. select DNS for name service
    10. esc-2 to continue
    11. enter for domain
    12. esc-2 to continue
    13. enter [IP-ADDRESS] for the first IP
    14. enter [IP-ADDRESS] for the second IP
    15. esc-2 to continue
    16. enter for search domain
    17. esc-2 to cont
    18. confirm information
    19. esc-2 to cont
    20. choose NO for new name service information
    21. esc-2 to cont
    22. select americas for time zone
    23. esc-2 to cont
    24. select united states
    25. esc-2
    26. select central time
    27. esc-2
    28. confirm information
    29. esc-2
    30. enter root password
    31. esc-2 to continue
    32. zone should reboot

  2. style=”MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt; mso-list: l11 level1 lfo3; tab-stops: list .5in”>to disconnect from the console use “~.”

MARGIN: 12pt 0in 3pt”>Additional zonecfg

  1. following zone initialization to add additional filesystem resources and resource controls follow the following instructions
  2. create the directories in the zone you are going to modify
  3. zonecfg –z dzone2
  4. add fs
  5. set dir=/export/home
  6. set special=/dev/md/dsk/d51
  7. set raw=/dev/md/rdsk/d51
  8. set type=ufs
  9. set options=logging
  10. end
  11. verify
  12. commit
  13. exit
  14. bounce the zone

12pt 0in 3pt”>Login

  1. zlogin –C zone
  2. zlogin –l c1196 zone


  1. ps with –Z
  2. ipcs, pgrep, ptree, prstat with –z zonename option


  1. zoneadm –z myzone halt


  1. zoneadm –z myzone boot


  1. zoneadm –z myzone reboot

face=Arial>Grow FileSystem

  1. from the global machine
  2. growfs –M /zoneroot/root/filesystem /dev/md/rdsk/device

Arial>updating resources on the fly for a zone

  1. must run the following command from the global zone
    1. prctl –n zone.cpu-shares –v <value> -r –i zone <zone number>

h2 style=”MARGIN: 12pt 0in 3pt”>=Arial>Notes

  1. You can install apps either at a global or non-global level.  Caveat, user’s will be unable to install packages to /usr/local at a non-global level unless we create /usr/local as a filesystem to mount. 
    But then, we must effectively cover anything in the global /usr/local.  Just be aware.



-irow: 3; mso-yfti-lastrow: yes”>


Command Line

Create a disk group

vxdg init diskgroup diskname=device

Add a disk to disk group

vxdg -g diskgroup adddisk

Remove a disk from disk group

vxdg –g diskgroup rmdisk diskname

Deport, import or destroy a disk group

vxdg {deport|import|destroy} diskgroup

List disk groups

vxdg list [diskgroup]

Show free/spare space pool

vxdg –g diskgroup {free|spare}

Upgrade disk group version

vxdg [-T version] upgrade diskgroup

Rewrite disk headers, configuration copies, and kernel log copies in a disk group.

vxdg flush diskgroup targetdg object


vxdctl enable (for all disk groups)

Move an object between disk groups

vxdg move sourcedg targetdg object

Split objects between disk groups

vxdg split sourcedg targetdg object

Join disk groups

vxdg join sourcedg targetdg

List objects affected by a disk group move operation

style=”MARGIN: 2pt -0.4pt 2pt 6.9pt; mso-element: frame; mso-element-frame-hspace: 9.0pt; mso-element-wrap: around; mso-element-anchor-vertical: paragraph; mso-element-anchor-horizontal: page; mso-element-left: 111.65pt; mso-element-top: 4.8pt; mso-height-rule: exactly”>vxdg listmove sourcedg targetdg object

Display bootdg

Display defaultdg

Set defaultdg

style=”MARGIN: 6pt 0in 1pt 9pt; mso-element: frame; mso-element-frame-hspace: 9.0pt; mso-element-wrap: around; mso-element-anchor-vertical: paragraph; mso-element-anchor-horizontal: page; mso-element-left: 111.65pt; mso-element-top: 4.8pt; mso-height-rule: exactly”>

vxdg bootdg

vxdg defaultdg

vxdctl defaultdg diskgroup

Manually back up the disk group configuration

Perform precommit analysis of a restore

Restore the disk group configuration

vxconfigbackup diskgroup

vxconfigrestore -p diskgroup

vxconfigrestore -c [-l directory] diskgroup

Vi Editor Basics refernce card

Moving around the file

h cursor left i cursor right

k cursor up j cursor down

^&B Beginning of line

$ end of line

) Next sentance

( Previous sentance

} Next Paragraph

{ Previous Paragraph

end of file

w one character forward

W one word forward

:20 go to Line no 20 or whatever number you give

Adding new line

o add a new line below the current line

O adds a new line above the current line.

deleting the text :

x deletes text above the text

X deletes text character on right of cursor

20d deletes line 20

dd deletes current line

D delete till end of current line.

Replacing a character & word

r replace the character above the cursor.

R replces characters until Esc is pressed.

cw replaces the word from cursor to the end indicated by $ sign .

C replaces till end of line.

Displaying file info.

^g give name of the file current line and total lines of a file at the bottom .


s subistutes current charcater.

S substitutes entire line.

Inserting and appending text :

i inserts text to the left of cursor

I inserts in the beginning of line

a appends text to right of cursor

A appends to the end of line

Repeating last command

repeats the last text.

Undo the last change

u undo last change.

U undo changes to the current line.


:/name & return searches for the word name in the file

n continues search forward.

N searches backwards.

Copy and pasting lines

yy copy the current line into buffer.

5yy copies 5 lines from the current line.

p pastes the current buffer.



Recovering a unsaved vi file.

vi -r filename restores a unsaved / crashed file from buffer.


:w saves the text does not quit.

:wq saves & quit the editor .

ZZ save

:q! Quit without saving.

Movies: How to download hulu movies

Hulu, a streaming video site created by NBC Universal and News Corp., for yourself. The U.S.-only site features a few full-length movies,and a good number of clips and full episodes of shows like Family.

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How I use it:

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2. Open in Internet Explorer and RipTiger automatically starts downloading.

3. When downloading is finished, Riptiger Ultimate starts conversion to MPEG4 (because I want to put the video into my iPod).

4. When clicking to iPod icon videos are copied to iPod.

News: Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi Photos

TMZ acquired five photos of former NFL QB Steve McNair vacationing with Sahel Kazemi, the woman who likely murdered him and then killed herself early Saturday.

Former Titans Quarterback Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi, who were shot dead in what appears to be a murder/suicide, had been dating for five months and had been planning to tie the knot as soon as the 36 year-old got a divorce from his wife Mechelle McNair.

Steve and Sahel were often seen together, they spent several mini-vacations together (photos below) and they were reportedly smitten with each other. We can clearly see in these photos, the couple had great chemistry and were having a good time.

Solaris: Virtual Interface Creation / Deletion

To add virtual interface

1. Add entry in /etc/hosts

# ifconfig eri0 addif broadcast up

3. Create /etc/hostname.eri0:xx with domain name as its content (where xx is next available no for virtual NIC, verify that using ifconfig -a command)


1. Add statement to /etc/hostname.ce5 file

2. # ifconfig hme0 addif ip_address netmask + broadcast + up

To remove virtual interface

1. # ifconfig hme0 removeif ip_address_of_virtual_interface

2. # edit /etc/hostname.<driver> file to remove the entry

To remove virtual interface which is not up or have been used with same IP address


ge0:1: flags=1000843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST,IPv4> mtu 1500 index 2
inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast

ge0:77: flags=1000842<BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST,IPv4< mtu 1500 index 2
inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast

To remove interface ge0:77 which is not up

ifconfig ge0:77 unplumb

News: Crystal Defanti

Crystal Defanti is a school teacher who has given a sex tape to her students and by doing this she has made a worst mistake of her life. Crystal Defanti is working as teacher in Isabelle Jackson Elementary School and she planned to make a DVD on past year memories of her school. She played that DVD innocently and school shots and students were shown in the starting scenes but then suddenly in the next scene everyone saw Crystal Defanti having sex with someone.

Well Defanti reached all the parents and in the middle of embarrassment and crying, she apologized, and tried to prevent other students from looking the sexual images.

Luckily for Crystal Defanti, it appears she won’t lose her jobs, as parents understand that this was an accident. Although disciplinary action will be taken by the school, she has always been a good teacher.

So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance: The Results. Tonight, two more dancers will go home, the dream of being America’s Favorite Dancer goodbye.

The show opens with an incredible group dance that is choreographed by Tyce Diorio.

Catch, who is looking quite lovely tonight, gets right down to business.


Randi and Evan
Janette and Brandon
Melissa and Ade
Caitlin and Jason

Bottom 3

Karla and Vitolio
Kayla and Kupono
Jeanine and Phillip

Vitolio & Karla are in the bottom three.

Randi & Evan are safe.

Melissa and Brandon are safe.

Kayla and Kupono are in the bottom three, shocking the heck out of Mia.

Caitlin and Jason are safe. (Her family are dresses like aliens, which might be the cutest thing ever.)

Jeanine and Phillip are in the bottom three.

Thursday night at 9 PM EST “So You Think You Can Dance” has the results show. Who will be in the bottom three? I’m going to guess Kayla and Kupono, Jason and Caitlin, and … either Randi and Evan or Melissa and Ade. The last one depends on the audience; do they like ballet?

Highest searched keywords in google & Yahoo

Webmasters are always anxious to know the highest search keywords in order to optimize their websites for the same. Google & Yahoo both offer this information in public but by different smart ways.

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Most Searched Keywords in Google :roll: If you are looking out for the most searched keywords in Google, then Google Trends is your answer. Google Trends offers information on daily hot trend with a small list of today’s Top 10 searched keywords and also offers a detailed report of Top 100 most searched keyword for any date. You cannot predict the search in advance but you can still use the past data for finding out great keywords list. Example change the date in Hot Trends and select last years Christmas date and find all the top searched keywords which were made on the last christmas and this data can be useful to you for building the new christmas website for this year. Even though there may be some changes in the keywords but still this data is much valuable if used smartly.