Veritas: Replacing a bad drive

1. remove disk from veritas control if it belongs to a disk group; if it doesn’t belong to a disk group proceed to step 2
a. # vxdiskadm
b. select option 4 to “remove a disk for replacement”
c. enter the veritas disk name to remove
d. choose the disk you want to use to replace it if it exists on the server, if you are going to replace it with a new disk not in the system yet enter none
2. if drive is locally attached unconfigure it (won’t apply to all hardware)
a. #cfgadm –al
b. #cfgadm –c unconfigure Ap_Id
c. if step b fails proceed to step 3
3. physically remove the drive from the disk array
4. put new disk drive in disk array
5. confirm server can see new drive(won’t apply to all hardware)
a. # cfgadm –al
b. if the occupant column is showing unconfigured for the new disk you must configure it, if it is configured proceed to step 6
c. # cfgadm –c configure Ap_Id
6. place disk under veritas control
a. # vxdiskadm
b. select option 5 “replace a failed or removed disk

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