Veritas: Initializing A New Disk

1. Physically add the drive the system

2. Make the drive visible to the OS
a. # format
b. you will see a list of disks currently visible to the system, take note of these because you will need to identify the new disk
c. quit out of the format utility, you may need to enter quit a few times to drop out of all the menus
d. # devfsadm (note this command only works on solaris8 and newer releases)
e. # format
f. you will see a list of disks on the system, based on your notes from step b. you should be able to identify the new disk
g. select the new disk
h. it should prompt you that the disk is unlabelled and it will ask if you want to create a label now, repond yes
i. quit out of format

3. make drive visible to veritas
a. # vxdctl enable
b. # vxdisk list (you should see the new disk in the error state, not to worry, we will fix that shortly)

4. place disk under veritas control
a. # /etc/vx/bin/vxdisksetup –i cxtydz
b. # vxdisk list (the disk should now show up in the online state)

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