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Brocade SAN Switch NTP Setting the date and time

DS_300B_234:admin> date

Tue Dec 31 06:43:16 UTC 2013

DS_300B_234:admin> tstimezone

Time Zone Hour Offset: 0

Time Zone Minute Offset: 0

DS_300B_234:admin> date

Tue Dec 31 06:45:59 UTC 2013

DS_300B_234:admin> tstimezone –interactive

Please identify a location so that time zone rules can be set correctly.

Please select a continent or ocean.

1) Africa

2) Americas

3) Antarctica

4) Arctic Ocean

5) Asia

6) Atlantic Ocean

7) Australia

8) Europe

9) Indian Ocean

10) Pacific Ocean

11) none – I want to specify the time zone using the POSIX TZ format.

Enter number or control-D to quit ?5

Please select a country.

1) Afghanistan           18) Israel                35) Palestine

2) Armenia               19) Japan                 36) Philippines

3) Azerbaijan            20) Jordan                37) Qatar

4) Bahrain               21) Kazakhstan            38) Russia

5) Bangladesh            22) Korea (North)         39) Saudi Arabia

6) Bhutan                23) Korea (South)         40) Singapore

7) Brunei                24) Kuwait                41) Sri Lanka

8) Cambodia              25) Kyrgyzstan            42) Syria

9) China                 26) Laos                  43) Taiwan

10) Cyprus                27) Lebanon               44) Tajikistan

11) East Timor            28) Macau                 45) Thailand

12) Georgia               29) Malaysia              46) Turkmenistan

13) Hong Kong             30) Mongolia              47) United Arab Emirates

14) India                 31) Myanmar (Burma)       48) Uzbekistan

15) Indonesia             32) Nepal                 49) Vietnam

16) Iran                  33) Oman                  50) Yemen

17) Iraq                  34) Pakistan

Enter number or control-D to quit ?14


The following information has been given:




Therefore TZ=’Asia/Kolkata’ will be used.

Local time is now:      Tue Dec 31 12:16:40 IST 2013.

Universal Time is now:  Tue Dec 31 06:46:40 UTC 2013.

Is the above information OK?

1) Yes

2) No

Enter number or control-D to quit ?1

System Time Zone change will take effect at next reboot

DS_300B_234:admin> tsclockserver “10.X.X.X.14”

Updating Clock Server configuration…done.

Updated with the NTP servers

DS_300B_234:admin> date

Tue Dec 31 11:44:42 IST 2013


Compaq Tru64 UNIX: Setting up Standard File Systems

The following table shows the variables and their corresponding values.

Variables in Standard File Systems

Variable Description
<diskname> Full path of a disk, for example, /dev/rz11c
<rawdiskname> Full path of a raw disk, for example, /dev/rrz11c
<disktype> Disk type, for example, rz28
<mountpointname> Full path of a mount point, for example,
SAP DB: /sapdb/<SAPSID>/sapdata1
Informix: Not applicable
Oracle: /oracle/<SAPSID>/sapdata1

To set up a standard file system:

1. Ask the customer which disks are available and make sure that they do not belong to
one of the categories listed in the following table:

Avoidable Disk Categories

Disk Category How to Check
Mounted disks grep <diskname> /etc/fstab
Swapdevices swapon -s | grep <diskname>
Advanced FS cd /etc/fdmns; showfdmn * | grep <diskname>
Volumes within LSM (Logical Storage manager) volprint -Ath | grep <diskname>

2. Create disk label, if necessary:
disklabel -w -r <rawdiskname> <disktype>
3. Create empty file system:
newfs -m 0 <rawdiskname>

4. Create mount point:
mkdir <mountpointname>
5. Add line to /etc/fstab:
<diskname> <mountpointname> ufs
6. Mount file system:
mount <mountpointname>