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How to Halt the VNX Data Movers ?

The following procedure explains how to perform an orderly, timed, or immediate
halt of a network server’s Data Mover or blade. This procedure applies to all VNX
unified and VNX for file systems.

Note: A Data Mover for a VNX for file server is also called a blade. There is no functional
difference between a Data Mover and a blade. They both serve the same purpose in a VNX
for file server.

To immediately halt a Data Mover or blade, use this command syntax:

$ server_cpu <movername> -halt <time>
<movername> = name of the Data Mover or blade
<time> = when the Data Mover or blade is to be halted, specified as one of the following:
{ now | +<min> | <hour>:<min> }

To halt server_2 immediately, type:
$ server_cpu server_2 -halt now

server_2 : done

How to halt the VNX for file / nas server ?

To halt the VNX for file server, type:
# /nasmcd/sbin/nas_halt now
# yes
Sending the halt signal to the Master Control Daemon…: Done
Halting system…
flushing ide devices: hda hdd
Power down.
It can take as long as 20 minutes to halt the server, depending on the configuration of the
VNX. Wait until the command completes before continuing. If the Control Station halted
successfully, the HyperTerminal session will be unresponsive.
If the Control Station restarts after the nas_halt command, then go to step 6. If the Control
Station has halted successfully, then go to the next step to restart the Control Station.

Verify the shutdown of the blades:

Wait for 5 minutes, and then log in as root at the login prompt. Then verify the shutdown of
the blades by running the following command:
# /nasmcd/sbin/getreason
Sample output for a four blade configuration:
6 – slot_0 primary control station
– slot_2 powered off
– slot_3 powered off
– slot_4 powered off
– slot_5 powered off

Run the following command to halt the Control Station:

# /sbin/halt
Sample Output:
# /sbin/halt
Broadcast message from root (ttyS1) (Tue 7 13 10:05:55 2012):
The system is going down for system halt NOW!
INIT: Stopping HAL daemon: [OK]
Stopping system message bus: [OK]
Halting system…
md: stopping all md devices.
md: md0 switched to read-only mode.
Shutdown: hda
System halted