Opensips installation

Before going ahead with opensips installation, update the system to use the latest packages.

yum update

This will download all the latest versions of the installed components.

Once done, start with opensips dependencies installation.

  • yum install bison
  • yum install libxml2-devel
  • yum  install gcc-c++
  • xmlrpc installation:
  • download xmlrpc-c-1.06.41
  • untar sources and run
  • ./configure –disable-abyss-threads
  • make
  • make install
  • go to /etc/
  • create a file xmlrpc.conf and write one line:

    • /usr/local/lib
    • save and exit
  • run ldconfig

All the prerequisites are installed.

Now start with compilation of opensips

  • cd /usr/local/src/opensips-src
  • make all
  • make modules=modules/db_mysql modules
  • make modules=modules/presence modules
  • make modules=modules/mi_xmlrpc modules
  • make install

This will install only the default modules in the right directories

copy the .so files from each additional module (mentioned above) directory to /usr/loca/lib/opensips/modules/

Now copy the startup script for start/stop/restart of opensips

  • cp /usr/local/src/opensips-1.6.4-2-notls/packaging/rpm/opensips.init /etc/init.d/opensips
  • chmod 777 /etc/init.d/opensips
  • cp /usr/local/src/opensips-1.6.4-2-notls/scripts/opensipsdbctl.mysql /usr/local/lib/opensips/opensipsdbctl/opensipsdbctl.mysql

Opensips needs an user account for running the service.

  • useradd opensips

Open init script in /etc/init.d/opensips

Change all the references of config files to point to /usr/local/etc

Copy the opensips.cfg file to the location: /usr/local/etc/opensips/opensips.cfg

Create file /etc/default/opensips and put the below contents in the file:





Open file /usr/local/etc/opensips/opensipsctlrc

Change all the usernames and passwords in opensipsctlrc for cluster, configure database IP as cluster virtual IP instead of localhost

Starting opensips:

run the following command:

/etc/init.d/opensips start

Stopping opensips:

run the following command:

/etc/init.d/opensips stop

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