Linux: OS / System Restore

Start rescue

1.Check and Note backup start time

# date

2. Insert Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 AS(Update5) installation CD into CD-ROM

3. Reboot

# shutdown -r now
4. After reboot, type “linux rescue” (start rescue) and press enter key in prompt on the screen below.

boot:linux rescue
5. A screen to choose language is displayed. Choose “English”. Press tab key to move focus onto “OK”, and press enter key.

6. A screen to choose keyboard appears. Choose “Your Keybord Type”.

7. A screen to specify if network is used is displayed. Choose “No”.

8. A screen to specify if existing system image should be mounted on /mnt/sysimage appears. Choose “Skip”.

9. Shell is executed with below message output and prompt is displayed.

When finished please exit from the shell
and your system will reboot

System Restore

a. Deployment of Restore Shell

1. Insert a backup acquisition tape in the tape drive.

2. Deploy the partition information and Restore Shell.

#cd /tmp
# mt –f /dev/nst0 rewind
# tar –xvf /dev/nst0
# ls -l


Check if there are the files shown in the box above.

b. System restore

1. Execute Restore Shell.

#cd /tmp

2. After the completion of restore, take the tape out of the drive pressing the eject button.

c. Restart the system

1. Take the installation CD for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 AS(Update7) out of the CD-ROM drive

2. Restart system


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