HP-UX host attached to CLARiiON array reports zero when running diskinfo command and in sam

Question: Why does diskinfo on HP-UX return 0 on logical paths connected to a CLARiiON array?

Environment: Product: CLARiiON CX-Series

Environment: OS: HP-UX

Environment: Host Level Protection: PVlinks

Problem: ioscan -fnC disk shows both primary and secondary logical paths to the CLARiiON array.

Problem: diskinfo reports a value of 0 on the secondary logical paths.

Problem: diskinfo shows information on secondary logical paths after a LUN trespass.

Change: New host installation without PowerPath.

Root Cause: When the host registers with the array, by default the initiator type is set to CLARiiON Open and the failover mode is set to 1.  Even though the OS can see all of the paths to a particular device, the CLARiiON array is not able to present the device correctly on all paths because the failover mode and initiator type are wrong.  Only the paths connected to the SP that currently owns the LUN will display information.

Solution: On the CLARiiON

Using the Group Edit button in Connectivity Status or the failover setup wizard:

  1. Change the failover to 0.
  2. Change the Initiator Type to HP auto trespass.

On the HP-UX Host

  1. In the agent.config file uncomment OptionsSuppoted AutoTrespass.
  2. Restart the Navisphere host agent.

Diskinfo should now show information on all paths.

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