How to Set the date and time of the VNX ?

Set Control Station date and time

You must log in as root to perform this operation.

To set the date and time for a Control Station, use this command syntax:
# date -s “<hh:mm mm/dd/yy>”
<hh:mm mm/dd/yy> = time and date format
To set the date and time to 5:40 P.M. on August  8, 2012, type:
# date -s “17:40 08/08/12”

Set Data Mover or blade date and time

You can customize the display of the date and time on a Data Mover or blade by
using the server_date command. Configuring Time Services on VNX provides
additional information on time services.

To set the current date and time for a Data Mover or blade, use this command syntax:
$ server_date <movername> <yymmddhhmm> [<ss>]
<movername> = name of the Data Mover or blade
<yymmddhhmm> [<ss>] = where <yy> is the year; the first <mm> is the month; <dd> is the day;
<hh> is the hour (in 24-hour system); and the second <mm> is the minute, and <ss> is the second.
To set the date and time on server_2 to July 4, 2012, 10:30 A.M., type:
$ server_date server_2 1207041030

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