How can I determine the CPU Speed / Processors / Machine Serial Number in AIX server?

bash-3.00# prtconf

System Model: IBM,9133-55A
Machine Serial Number: 02346C5H
Processor Type: PowerPC_POWER5
Number Of Processors: 4
Processor Clock Speed: 1648 MHz
CPU Type: 64-bit
Kernel Type: 64-bit
LPAR Info: 1 06-86C6H
Memory Size: 15936 MB
Good Memory Size: 15936 MB
Platform Firmware level: Not Available
Firmware Version: IBM,SF240_338
Console Login: enable
Auto Restart: true
Full Core: false

Network Information
Host Name: gmacaix1
IP Address:
Sub Netmask:
Name Server:
Domain Name:

Paging Space Information
Total Paging Space: 31744MB
Percent Used: 3%

Volume Groups Information
hdisk0            active            794         636         148..30..140..159..159


The following resources are installed on the machine.
+/- = Added or deleted from Resource List.
*   = Diagnostic support not available.

Model Architecture: chrp
Model Implementation: Multiple Processor, PCI bus

+ sys0                                               System Object
+ sysplanar0                                         System Planar
* vio0                                               Virtual I/O Bus
* vsa1             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T2           LPAR Virtual Serial Adapter
* vty1             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T2-L0        Asynchronous Terminal
* vsa0             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T1           LPAR Virtual Serial Adapter
* vty0             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T1-L0        Asynchronous Terminal
* pci2             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1              PCI Bus
* pci8             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1              PCI Bus
+ ent0             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T9           2-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX PCI-X Adapter (14108902)
+ ent1             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T10          2-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX PCI-X Adapter (14108902)
* pci9             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1              PCI Bus
+ usbhc0           U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1              USB Host Controller (33103500)
+ usbhc1           U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1              USB Host Controller (33103500)
* pci10            U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1              PCI Bus
* pci11            U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1              PCI Bus
* pci1             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1              PCI Bus
* pci3             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1              PCI Bus
+ sisioa0          U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1              PCI-X Dual Channel U320 SCSI RAID Adapter
+ scsi0            U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T14          Ultra320 SCSI RAID Adapter Physical bus
+ pdisk1           U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T14-L3-L0    Physical SCSI Disk Drive
+ pdisk2           U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T14-L4-L0    Physical SCSI Disk Drive
+ pdisk3           U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T14-L5-L0    Physical SCSI Disk Drive
+ pdisk0           U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T14-L8-L0    Physical SCSI Disk Drive
+ ses0             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T14-L15-L0   SCSI Enclosure Services Device
+ scsi1            U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T15          Ultra320 SCSI RAID Adapter Physical bus
+ sisraid0         U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-C7-T1        Ultra320 SCSI RAID Adapter Logical bus
* hdisk0           U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-C7-T1-L0-L0  SCSI RAID 5 Disk Array
* pci5             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1              PCI Bus
+ fcs1             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-C4-T1        FC Adapter
* fscsi1           U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-C4-T1        FC SCSI I/O Controller Protocol Device
* fcnet1           U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-C4-T1        Fibre Channel
Network Protocol Device
* pci4             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1              PCI Bus
* ide0             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T16          ATA/IDE Controller Device
+ cd0              U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P4-D2           IDE DVD-ROM Drive
* pci6             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1              PCI Bus
* pci7             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-C5           PCI Bus
+ lai0             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-C5-T1        GXT135P Graphics Adapter
* pci0             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1              PCI Bus
+ fcs0             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-C3-T1        FC Adapter
* fscsi0           U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-C3-T1        FC SCSI I/O Controller Protocol Device
* fcnet0           U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-C3-T1        Fibre Channel Network Protocol Device
+ L2cache0                                           L2 Cache
+ mem0                                               Memory
+ proc0                                              Processor
+ proc2                                              Processor
+ proc4                                              Processor
+ proc6                                              Processor
* mouse0           U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T7-L1        USB mouse
* kbd0             U787B.001.DNWG8CW-P1-T7-L1        USB keyboard

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