Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Driver For Solaris 2.6/7/8/9/10 for i386 / SPARC platform

1. Change directory to where BRCMbcme.pkg resides.
2. pkgadd -d BRCMbcme.pkg
( Copy  BRCMbcme.tar.Z to /tmp.
cd /tmp
uncompress BRCMbcme.tar.Z
tar xvf BRCMbcme.tar
pkgadd -d /tmp)

3. Execute prtconf to determine instance number of the NIC.
4. ifconfig bcme[instance_number] plumb
5. ifconfig bcme[instance_number] ip_address netmask ….

To make these changes permanent, follow these steps:

1. Use your favorite text editor (eg. vi) and create a file named
hostname.bcme[instance_number] in /etc directory.  Add the
IP address of the interface to this file, save and exit.
2. Add a proper subnet mask to the file /etc/netmasks.]

In Solaris 7.0 (Intel platform), operating system only allocates 36
pages of 4K physically contiguous memory.  Driver needs about 130K
physically contiguous memory per NIC.  In order to use more than one
NIC.  O/S has to allocate more memory.  This can be done by setting
an O/S system variable “lomempages” in /etc/system. For instance,
4 NICs are installed in Solaris 7 system, physically contiguous
memory is calculated as follows:
4 NICs * 130K = 520 K ==> 130 pages of 4K is required.

Since this memory might be used by other driver in the system,
200 of 4K of memory is allocated.  Add the following line in
file /etc/system:

set lomempages=200

Download: Driver

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