Aix mirror rootvg during System Restore

1. mkszfile
2. Edit / and add in multiple copies -in the lv_data section change COPIES = 2  or each lv (might be some other fields to change – compare a mirrored to a non-mirrored lv to check).

##Command used for lv_data; /usr/sbin/lslv

        VOLUME_GROUP= rootvg
        LV_SOURCE_DISK_LIST= hdisk0
        LV_IDENTIFIER= 00075ef10000d60000000119e75995ad.1
        LOGICAL_VOLUME= hd5
        VG_STAT= active/complete
        TYPE= boot
        MAX_LPS= 512
        COPIES= 1
        LPs= 1
        STALE_PPs= 0
        INTER_POLICY= minimum
        INTRA_POLICY= edge
        VOLUME_GROUP= rootvg
        LV_SOURCE_DISK_LIST= hdisk0 hdisk1
        LV_IDENTIFIER= 0005e4d40000d70000000133abd69497.2
        LOGICAL_VOLUME= hd6
        VG_STAT= active/complete
        TYPE= paging
        MAX_LPS= 512
        COPIES= 2
        LPs= 64
        STALE_PPs= 0

3. Take the mksysb but DO NOT use the -i option (since this will
create a new file which overwrites your old one).
4. Restore the mksysb.

Note: please do it on your own risk……

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