Solaris : Access LDOM console remotely

The vntsd service defaults to listening for connections on localhost (IP address, so you canonly access domain consoles from the control domain by telnet to localhost. However, by changing the service con?guration you can enable remote access. This example recon?gures the console service for remote access:
svc:>select  ldoms/vntsd
svc:/ldoms/vntsd> listprop
vntsd    application
vntsd/timeout_minutes    integer 0
vntsd/vcc_device    astring virtual-console-concentrator@0
vntsd/listen_addr    astring localhost

svc:/ldoms/vntsd>setprop vntsd/listen_addr =
#svcadm  refresh  ldoms/vntsd
#svcadm  restart  ldoms/vntsd

You can now access domain consoles froma different machine by telneting to the speci?ed host, likethis:
% telnet 5000