Clariion: Commands for Navisphere CLI

Physical Container-Front End Ports Speeds

naviseccli –h port –list -sfpstate
naviseccli –h –set sp a –portid 0 2
naviseccli –h backendbus –get –speeds 0

SP Reboot and Shutdown GUI
naviseccli –h rebootsp
naviseccli –h resetandhold

Disk Summary
naviseccli –h getdisk
naviseccli –h getdisk 0_0_9 (Bus_Enclosure_Disk – specific disk)

Storage System Properties- Cache Tab
naviseccli –h getcache
naviseccli –h setcache –wc 0 –rca 0 –rcb 0 (to disable Write and Read Cache)
naviseccli –h setcache –p 4 –l 50 –h 70 (Set Page Size to 4 KB, Low WaterMark to 50%, and High WaterMark to 70%)
naviseccli –h setcache –wc 1 –rca 1 –rcb 1 (to enable Write and Read Cache)

Storage System Properties- Memory Tab
naviseccli –h setcache –wsz 2500 –rsza 100 –rszb 100
naviseccli –h setcache –wsz 3072 –rsza 3656 –rszb 3656 (maximum amount of cache for CX3-80)

Creating a RAID Group
naviseccli –h createrg 0 1_0_0 1_0_ 1 1_0_2 1_0_3 1_0_4 –rm no –pri med (same Enclosure)
-rm (remove/destroy Raid Group after the last LUN is unbound for the Raid Group) -pri (priority/rate of expansion/defragmentation of the Raid Group)
naviseccli –h createrg 1 2_0_0 3_0_0 2_0_1 3_0_1 2_0_2 3_0_2 -raidtype r1_0 (for RAID 1_0 across enclosures)

RAID Group Properties – General
naviseccli –h getrg 0

RAID Group Properties – Disks
naviseccli –h getrg 0 –disks

Binding a LUN
naviseccli –h bind r5 0 –rg 0 –rc 1 –wc 1 –sp a –sq gb –cap 10
bind raid type (r0, r1, r1_0, r3, r5, r6) -rg (raid group) -rc / -wc (read and write cache) -sp (storage processor) -sq (size qualifier – mb, gb, tb, bc (block count) -cap (size of the LUN)

LUN Properties
naviseccli –h getlun 0
naviseccli –h chglun –l 0 –name Exchange_Log_Lun_0

RAID Group Properties – Partitions
naviseccli –h getrg 0 –lunlist

Destroying a RAID Group
naviseccli –h removerg 0

Creating a Storage Group
navicli –h storagegroup –create –gname ProductionHost

Storage Group Properties – LUNs with Host ID
navicli –h storagegroup –addhlu –gname ProductionHost –alu 6 –hlu 6
navicli –h storagegroup –addhlu –gname ProductionHost –alu 23 –hlu 23

Storage Group Properties – Hosts
navicli –h storagegroup –connecthost –host ProductionHost –gname ProductionHost

Destroying Storage Groups
navicli –h storagegroup –destroy –gname